A senior executive and top revenue driver with over 15 years of success by maximizing topline and bottom-line growth by building sustainable revenue pipelines, driving market share, targeting, and acquiring complementary, cost-effective acquisitions. Fred achieves operational excellence and customer satisfaction by establishing KPI’s, streamlining processes and procedures, and developing and managing critical accounts. Fred consistently delivers successful outcomes by responding to significant changes and unique challenges. Fred is passionate about harnessing cross-functional insights and leading high-impact teams to solve complex business challenges.

For Fred, creative solutions have been at the center of every business he has had to opportunity to build. He finds that having a creative side benefits his leadership style and his ability to mentor those he works with. One of Fred’s merits is being able to see people’s potential and by coaching to that potential, individuals are encouraged to embrace their own challenges while offering them opportunities that align with their strengths so they can be successful. Connecting to people in this way also creates a powerful working dynamic where colleagues know that we want what is truly best for each other as well as for the company.

Fred's Professional Profile Includes:

  • Celebrated broker and negotiator, working with cross-function stakeholders to identify and communicate profitable funding and financing opportunities.
  • Effective executioner of large-scale transformational projects, e.g., major brand rehauls, sales optimization initiatives and facilitation of large-scale multi-$M mergers.
  • Distinguished ability to develop excellent relationships with internal and external stakeholders from all backgrounds, e.g., key corporate decision-makers, colleagues and external financial institutions.
  • Proponent of employee mentoring and training to instill compliance with standards and best practices, as well as comprehensive documentation for knowledge transfer and proper change management.

Fred’s Personal Philosophy, in his own words:

I make a conscious effort every day to be the same person in business that I am in my personal life. Being approachable is exceedingly important to me in every aspect of my life. I possess a broad reach / ability to connect with a diverse group. Honesty and authenticity are part of my core values and are the cornerstones of my leadership style. This foundation sits on top of business traits such as sales acumen, process orientation and financial competency which results in a combination of skills that are suited for C suite opportunities. It is not luck that I enjoy what I do. I have crafted a career where I define challenges as adventures, learning as discovery, and growth as opportunity. Enjoying my work, building something larger than me, connecting with others to do so is intentional for me. It is what drives me.

Fred was born and raised in Kentucky where he attended UK (go Wildcats!) and has been a lifelong football fan and general sports enthusiast. He met my wife Amy while at UK and they started their family in Charlotte NC in 1993 after Fred was relocated there for work. He is called Dad by their 2 kids, Alex & Elizabeth, the oldest just recently graduated college and is out in the real world while their youngest is currently attending Liberty University. Fred and Amy have 2 goofy golden retrievers who make them laugh every day. Fred is an avid golfer, gardener and loves hanging out with friends. Fred & Amy love to travel and when it is up to her, you can find them at the beach at Amelia Island in Florida.